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Peg Hunt 


"Peg came into my life at a time where I needed guidance more than I could have possiblity imagined..I was able to continue on my journey of self discovery and change rather than losing myself..."

Life & Leadership Coaching

Peg's ability as a coach allowed me to discover and discern my own heart. She knows what questions to ask, and gave me space to answer them. Having someone walk with me through my own process brought me accountability & companionship on my journey. Because of her experience, she could loop in a perspective I never would've had on my own. Worth every penny.  Kim E. , Career Transition Client.

Life Coaching

Personal and Life Coaching includes issues such as life transitions, career changes, workplace concerns, and challenges. Many people find coaching helps them to thrive.  Life coaching supports exploring your needs and values and aligning goals to your current or desired future life. I bring the tools and excitement to create an environment for you to tap into your own resourcefulness. 



Small business ownership can be a lonely place.  A coach can help to uncover and nurture all that you bring to your business, create a plan, and execute your vision.  My experience as a small business owner and coach supports defining goals, creating plans for action, and accountability for success.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can support you to effectively step into your role as a leader and tap into the full potential of your work team. Become the leader that you wish to be by exploring areas for improvement and stepping into your strengths and full responsibility of your role. Coaching can help to re-ignite your own passion around leadership, develop future possibilities and goals, and create accountably for the changes that you seek.

Phil S, Nonprofit Founder.  To jump start a change, I hired Peg Hunt to coach me through a transition where I could involve many others in supporting the mission. With Peg’s help, I identified short and long term goals and with her support, set about taking the steps needed to move in the right direction. Peg was patient and encouraging. Her questions helped me discover and then focus on what was most important for me.  Because of our coaching conversations and Peg’s questions, that shift came into clearer and clearer focus as time when on. Sure, the work still needs to get done. But every chance I get, I find ways to empower others to do the work, while I spend more time building my relationships with them and others. And the more I do that, the better I get at it. And I credit this change in my behavior to the insights gained from working with Peg. If you are looking for a coach that will meet you where you are, help you to clarify what you want and encourage you as you take steps to achieve it, then I highly recommend connecting with Peg. 

Leadership Coaching
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