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Navigate Career Success

Lean-In | Level-Up | Let Go.

Ever wondered whether you should change careers?  Quit your job?  Get a Promotion?

Lean-in, Level-up or Let-Go is designed to guide you through a 6-month journey of self-discovery, goal setting, confidence building, and strategic implementation. This can enhance your current career, help find a new career, or find a new position or career.  This process supports your career search or change while building skills for success and resiliency when starting a new job.  Each session is tailored to equip you with the tools and mindset needed to navigate your career path with purpose and resilience.


Sample 6-Month Career Catalyst Program

Element 1: Clarity & Deeper Understanding of Self

  • Session 1: Discovery Session

  • Session 2:  Self-Exploration Journey​ 

  • Session 3: Leveraging Strengths and Values for Career​

Element 2: Define Vision & Goals

  • Session 4: Clarify your Vision​

  • Session 5: Career Goal Setting  

Element 3: Implement & Refine Your Action Plan

  • Session 6: Personalized Action Plan

  • ​Session 7: Accountability & Progress Check-ins

Element 4: Strengthen Confidence & Resilience​

  • ​Session 8:  Build Confidence & Growth Mindset

  • ​Session 9: Build Resilience

  • Closing:  Celebrate and Sustain..

 I signed up to meet with Peg Hunt as my Life Coach for six sessions and I am really glad I did.  After our final session, I was happy with the progress between when we first began in up to today.  With her guidance, my confidence built back up as far as my career plans go and my life in general.  I would definitely recommend Peg Hunt to anyone who is seeking life coaching guidance.  He/she will be gaining not just a life coach but a friend.  

--SC, Mom transitioning from one career to another.

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