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 “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” - Ernest Hemingway

Life Coaching

"Peg helped me cope with a major life change.  She helped me sit with my feelings of loss, my fear of what the future held for me and my children, and she helped me move forward."

Guiding Principles for Coaching

All people are whole and are moving towards greater wholeness.

People are resourceful, wise, and curious.

Honoring the full diversity of experience deepens awareness and integrates all parts of self.

People have the freedom to choose how they respond, and much more is possible than any of us can imagine.

*Adapted from Coaching for Transformation, Pathways to Ignite Personal and Social Change. M. Lasley, V. Kellogg, R. Michaels, and S. Brown. 2015. Discover Press


My clients come from many  backgrounds, careers, and life stages. What they all have in common is a desire for growth and change. They recognize the importance of living their values and seek support to achieve this. Coaching is a supportive and transformational process to explore what is important, align values with actions, set goals and creates accountability, and celebrates success.


My clients desire personal or professional growth. They set goals to try out new skills, find new jobs, better define their values, gain a greater sense of their own worth, or develop better communication skills. Some want to develop stronger leadership skills, make a career change or re-enter the workforce, achieve greater career success, or create better work/life balance.

Outcomes & Accountability

Each session is tailored to the client—you set the overall goals of coaching, and the goal for each session. What outcome is desired after a coaching session? Why is this important? You can expect to experience transformation—tapping into your own unlimited resourcefulness to solve problems, make decisions, or set goals for the future.


Transformation happens because clients are truly heard and honored which frees them up to access their talents, skills, and creativity. 

My clients’ report that they can be more intentional in their work and home lives, better connect with others, be stronger leaders, and focus to achieve their goals. The coaching environment allows clients to do their own work in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. I keep to the clients' goals, identify limiting thoughts, and ask courageous questions.

Client Solutions

One client was developing his leadership skills after taking on a new position in a new city.  Coaching helped identify what was important for success at work--seeking input from his staff, manager and those they serve, slowing down and honoring his needs along with the needs of others, and having fun at the same time. He is able to own what he uniquely contributes while building staff skills & resources.

Another client wanted to return to work after spending time out of the workforce.  Six coaching sessions resulted in re-establishing her confidence, selecting and entering a technical certification course, developing a support system for her training, and new skills to deal with setbacks.

Another client came to coaching with a view that life 'just happens' and he felt overlooked in awards and promotions. Once he identified his important values, together we faced the question, “why are you not living your values?” He recognized that he could live authentically and prioritize  family and meet his career goals. Through making changes based on his values, and coming to recognize his own talent, he now sees himself as leader in his own life.

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