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Capitalizing on Life Changes

Life changes (a graduation, a promotion, a move, a pandemic!) can be a springboard to gain clarity around what is most important to you and to intentionally move toward what you most want. These exciting and sometimes frightening events provide a unique opportunity because change loosens the layer of habit that settles on us when we’ve been in the same phase or place for a long time. New things seem more possible when we are not weighed down by the habits and routines that may have served us well in the past.

Coaching provides a vehicle to talk through and elaborate on a new vision for yourself and helps clarify and articulate the values that you hold most dear and want to express in your life. It also provides a space to determine the immediate next steps to take to move toward your vision and an accountability structure to keep you on track.

A client who had training in library sciences, supported her children in remote learning through the pandemic. She came to realize that many of her skills could apply to new technologies in education. We worked to look at how she could explore these careers (informational interviews & connecting with others in the field) and then at specific technical training and certification programs. Finally, she tapped into her resources and built confidence to pursue a new career. The pandemic revealed new career options and she identified what she wanted. Coaching supported and guided her through the process, setting the stage for success.

If you are facing a life change—or if you are ready for one— and would like the support of a coach to help you make the most of the next phase of your life. Contact me for a complimentary, no obligation coaching consult to see what coaching feels like and if it’s the right next step for you.

Peg Hunt, MS, ACC

Professional Certified Coach

copyright Anne Garing & Peg Hunt

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