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Support for Small Business Owners

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

What you do matters!

As a small business owner (or any type of leader) you know that what you do matters. Your intention and attention get things done. The frustration is that there is just so much to do; prioritizing and keeping focus on what matters most can be a challenge.

Coaching is an effective tool to carve out time to identify priorities, get clear about what success looks like and make plans to achieve your vision. Coaching can help leaders to re-connect with why they are in business—the passion and excitement that gives energy to execute on priorities. Coaching also helps sift through the static or noise that can impede success. Coaching provides an accountability structure to enable a leader to maintain focus during busy or hectic times to accomplish their long-term goals. And we all know that success is not built on great ideas alone—it is built on action.

If you are a small business owner, or any other type of leader, and you could use support getting organized, setting priorities, and acting on your great ideas, vision and passion, contact me for a complimentary consultation to see if coaching could benefit you. Contact me at

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