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  • Peg Hunt

What’s So Fun About Coaching?

This week, one of my clients told me, “Coaching is fun-- I actually look forward to it!”

So, let’s unpack that—what is fun about coaching and why it creates a powerful structure for change.

  • It’s vision- and future-focused—what could be more fun than imagining your ideal life and taking steps to achieve it? (Contrast this with imagining all the things you are doing wrong and taking steps to “improve”.)

  • It’s collaborative and affirming—the best coaches have been trained to listen without giving advice and ask questions that deepen the client’s understanding. (Contrast this with journaling which can be helpful, but as another client shared, can also feel like wishful thinking.)

  • Your coach is on your side and impartial—their goal is to help you make the best choices for you. (Contrast this with sharing with a loved one or friend whose goals are often to connect--by sharing their own experiences--or make you feel better--by giving advice from their own perspective.)

  • You can see your progress—every week you take action in the world to move closer to what you want, so you’re making headway towards the vision you hold or learning about what doesn’t work, so you can put it behind you. (Contrast this with just talking and pursuing theoretical understanding about why your life is the way it is.)

Find out for yourself how powerful and fun coaching can be. Please contact me for a complimentary 60-minute coaching consultation and if you like this blog, please subscribe and feel free to share! Contact me at

© Anne Garing, PhD & Peg Hunt, MS

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