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Where Do You Want To Go Next?

The hard thing is not so much figuring out how to get where you’re going; what is hard is figuring out where you want to go in the first place.” – Ken Sheldon

I’ve had several clients recently who have come to me with a sense of dissatisfaction—they know they want a change, but they are unsure about what they actually want. I have also had clients who were sure about what they wanted and then, through our discussions, realized that what they really wanted was quite different.

How is it that many of us struggle to define what we really want, when it seems like we should fundamentally know this? Coaching brings tools and support that allows clients to be clear.

Sometimes we don’t know what we want because we are focused on what other people think, rather than digging into our own thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we are so busy with activities that we neglect to intentionally act (we’re on autopilot). Sometimes a dream we had as our younger self no longer serves us so we need to dream again. Sometimes after a promising start, the journey unfolds unexpectedly and leaves us questioning if this is where we truly want to be.

Coaching is powerful for helping clients gain clarity about their vision because it engages all aspects of ourselves—from what our rational mind tells us, to what most attracts our heart and spirit, to the bodily sensations that arise as we contemplate different courses of action. This clarity of vision helps clients open up to the expanse of possibilities and alignment with core values. Coaching creates space to consider different futures—to ask ourselves what we want and why we want it. To say out loud to ourselves and our coach what is most dear to us—to hear it reflected to us and feel its resonance, or not. While gaining clarity on the future is profound, it is also simple and accessible.

If you seek greater clarity about the future—career change, promotion, moving, following a passion, or finding your passion, contact me. Working with a coach helps to bring greater clarity so that you can live your life in alignment—where you truly want to go. Please contact me at

© Anne E. Garing, PhD and Peg Hunt, MS

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